Msingi - Building East Africa's Industries of the Future

Established in 2016, Msingi is an independent, multi-decade organisation that is building East African industries of the future. We are taking a new approach to driving economic transformation and prosperity in East Africa that is: 

  • Ambitious and long-term – achieving deep industry transformation in selected high potential industries; and set up as a multi-decade organisation rather than a time-bound programme to enable this.
  • Flexible and holistic – utilising an adaptive combination of support driven by the different needs of each focus industry, including investment where additional. 
  • Focused on innovation – including support to technology upgrading, technical capabilities and innovative collaborations, e.g. international joint ventures; and bringing in world-class experts to ensure globally competitive solutions. 
  • Industry-led – working where there are credible pioneer firms, using strong private sector expertise, and partnering with others where appropriate.
  • Independent – unbiased by political influence but proactively engaging and partnering with government where needed to achieve long-term competitiveness.

Through our approach Msingi aims to make a significant contribution to the structural transformation of East Africa’s economies driving the creation of jobs and creating prosperity in the form of additional income in East Africa. 



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