The first industry selected by Msingi is aquaculture. East Africa has excellent natural water  resources, climate and native species that are ideal for aquaculture, as well as rapidly  increasing demand. Currently East African aquaculture is a relatively young industry that we  believe is poised for rapid growth.  Msingi’s aquaculture industry programme aims to facilitate and accelerate this growth to  achieve a competitive and growing aquaculture industry in the region.  Together with the industry, Msingi’s Aquaculture Industry Programme works to overcome  constraints to industry growth and transformation across the East African region. Some of  our key initiatives include:  

  • Improving access to high quality, competitively priced aquaculture inputs including  feed, fingerlings and equipment.  
  • Enhancing the technical and management capabilities of fish producers to increase  their profitability.
  • Addressing key inefficiencies in fish marketing  
  • Building long-term buy-in and securing support for industry growth and  transformation within the private sector and regional Governments.
  • Supporting the introduction of innovative solutions to East Africa from other more  advanced aquaculture industries. 


Aquaculture Newsletter, September 2017, Edition No. 1

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